sábado, janeiro 30, 2010

living free

Everything about, living free.
Seaming meeeeeeee. I am waiting the time, when you will see me.
when try on the spit. on the rig. on the pit.
there is something in your eyes, when you see me.
good lord on a mansion. is some king of expression.
i tell you everything about being free.
i will tell the world, what i feel on being me.
there's only one of us who tries, to be in me.
i can't forget about the things, that i could be.

we lost romance, this live for the rebounds.
she's got you high, and you don't even know yet.
open your mind, believe she's gonna teel you.
remember the rain, remember the lips, eyes, bright face,
this world tends do see through.
sheeeee's got you highhhhh
now get down!

terça-feira, janeiro 26, 2010

people and their lives

growing up takes a lot of time

feeling full takes a lot of illusion

noone takes you for who you are

learning experiences are less than ever

time is a source in the way of extinction