terça-feira, outubro 30, 2007

test drive ao inconsciente

I see my body over there
I'm running hard and just not scared
Is just a moment for being mad

Nothing will remain the same
I have the right to act insane
Rage is something that I know
It flows in my body and so I go
Rage is the sorrow of those who feel
Is the expression of something real
Rage is the search for the hate you give
The love of those whose lives you've shrink

I live in the boundaries of my mind
There's nothing wrong with being blind
But, you bring the rage to my machine
You feed it well and then I sing:

There's no tomorrow and no sorrow
I have no feelings and no conscience
There's only the will of being violent
You and me, me and hateful you
We will be, god and Beelzebub

Nothing's wrong, just being me
I'm the dark angel for those who cheat
My eyes are the storm in which I scream
My hands are the tools for rage within
My instincts lead to me to something evil
Payback maybe wrong, and pretty sinful
But you are scum and my rage will be painful

I see my body over here
There's just me and i'm just scared
I've hurt you bad, and I was not there
I was impulsive and now you're dead
You had it coming, and i'm not sad