domingo, novembro 13, 2005

con fusion

Confusion... no connection
hurt. no sorrow. no mercy.
creator of life on the move to a life breakdown
he's not nervous. he's just disappointed.
in pain. in sorrow.
god!!! why have you left me
why you don't seem to exist to me
why nobody cares
why nothing makes sense
this society; this life; this pain,
this way of being.
BeingEmot sucks as it never sucked before.
There's no returning to the early years,
there's no return to the time
where all was made possible

Sorrow. No erection
Resignation. so much sorrow, so much hurt.
Nothing is, Nothing was, Nothing will be...
Is Death a way of expression?
All is well, says the young boy inside of him.
He was young, got a big will,
a big flame that was on
the verge of running out forever
or fadding away... slowly
Deeply. Not willingly